Box set-ups

In order to save space when adjoining a number of boxes, we have opted for a triangular wedge shape of the boxes in 30° segments. Thanks to this design, it is possible to arrange the boxes in quarter circles, semicircles, circles or in a line with double-sided access to the boxes.

The modular set-ups can be placed in a corner, along walls or in free space, always taking up the minimum amount of space whilst ensuring easy access to the bikes.

Triangular shape with a 30° angle. Great variability of set-ups. Quarter circle, semi-circle, full circle, line (with one- or two-sided access). Possible to place in a corner, along walls or in open space.

The shown set-ups are combinable with each other.
By this inexpensive and simple method, functional units can be created up to the level of professional attendance-free parking stations for tens of bikes.

Lock variability

This type of box enables free access by the user for 24 hours a day. The closing/opening of the box is activated at the control terminal located on the wall of one of the box sets. The user enters the free box number and their own four digit PIN. The communication takes place on a display.
The closing/opening of the box is activated by payment at the contactless payment terminal, i.e. by using a contactless payment card. The user is instructed by the communication display.
The contactless payment terminal is also a suitable supplementary solution for the FREE version. For example, it is possible to optionally charge a subsequent section of time after the lapse of the first 12 hours. The subsequent payment motivates the user to empty the box for further use, prevents the misuse of the boxes for other purposes and the undesirable long-term blocking of the box by one user.
This type of box enables free access to the box for 24 hours a day. The opening/closing of the box is activated by sending a special SMS from a mobile phone. Users are instructed by means of the communication display or optionally by a voice which can be additionally fitted to the Bikebox.
This type of box is especially suited for institutions and objects with an established ID card or chip system. It allows the users free access to the boxes for 24 hours a day. The opening/closing of the box is activated by means of an ID card or chip. The user follows the instructions on the communication display.
Bike Boxes with a coin holder is suitable for use where it is not possible to use payment via a payment terminal or SMS payment. The amount of the required payment can be set for different coin values ​​and different currencies.
The Bikebox which is equipped with a mechanical lock is ideal for customers which have their own key. It can also be used in objects with a continuous service that will hand out the key in exchange for a deposit or rental fee. Bikebox is equipped with a patented three-point vertical locking system which prevents breaking the steel door by stretching the door frame. The locking system is formed by a certified lock with high passive security from a producer who uses these locks for security class II safes.
The lock is controlled by a double sided butterfly key that can only be copied by a specialized locksmith centre. The bed of the safe lock is armoured.

Installation requirements

The installation is very simple. The boxes are placed on the ground, connected to a 230V electrical socket and simple connectors between the boxes are interconnected. The box set-ups including parking houses can theoretically be placed anywhere on a level ground surface with an ordinary walkable bearing capacity, i.e. no foundations are necessary.

The set-ups can easily be transferred according to demographic development, changes in employment rate or transport planning. The equipment can be connected to the public street lighting or to common standard 230V sockets. The facility operates on 12V for internal procedures and therefore has low energy requirements. It also uses the GSM net predominantly for operation statistics, error messages and communication of the payment terminal with banking institutions. On delivery, each box is equipped with operating rules and instructions for use, which can be adapted to include possible individual time and price requirements of the operator. The weight depends on the type of the box, but does not exceed 250 kg.

Each box is equipped with a unique registration number according to which it can be identified in the system of the insurer Generali Česká pojišťovna, a.s., by the Police of the Czech Republic, and during the communication of statistics by the operator.

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